Sunday, November 13, 2005

Samkon Gato

Leave it to our Autumn heroes, who have given it their all, as usual, every Sunday since the first of September. But to now avail, hard as they've tried, they're as low as they've been in the standings since the early 90's. Yet, the fans prevail, always. And even the not so great fans, like me, who really only watch the winning games, it only takes one little incident that changes a game, for me to pay attention and hear a story that I can't help but speak of. The man is Samkon Gado, just came into the team because of injuries to the regulars. Samkon is from Africa, was playing 3rd string college ball, with really no thoughts of the game taking him anywhere. A coach told him to try out for the NFL, he did, and was the hero today.......whether they win or loose. His few plays have the crowd totally back in the game, the players settled down, and having's good to be back, if only for this week..................GoPack

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Less is more, but more is.. well, also more.

Hi! This is Sarah. You might remember me from such blog endeavors as Sunshine and Lollipops. I've become quite the setter-upper of blogs recently, and this is my latest and greatest. Introducing... (drumroll please).. My Mom! She goes by many names, most notably: Mary, Mare, Mom, Mama, Mommy, and Mommy Dearest (but only when trying to get on her nerves, the movie really scarred her for life). There have been some occasion for Damnit, Mother, but we won't make mention of those. Not in her fabulous first blog entry! Why, that would just be wrong!

She is a darling woman who balances many aspects of her life with nary a flinch: raising two grown children who are much to old to require her assistance on a regular basis, and yet surprisingly happen to need her all the time; cooking; cleaning not only her own house, but the houses of others; working part-time for an undisclosed employer for over 20 years*; taking care of her husband (both before and after a stroke); and most importantly, being a general pleasure to be around no matter how much she's got on her plate.

As her daughter, I could go on and on (and on) about my version of her life, and how much she means to me personally, but I think I would do her the most justice on this blog by letting her show you herself just what an amazing person she is. So I'm here to tell you that I could tell you much more about this amazing woman, but I believe the best way to do that is to let her speak for herself.

I may have added myself as an Administrator for this blog, but it is purely for technical reasons, and will not be posting, this is Mom's place to shine, and I'm going to let her do that. Sit back and enjoy!

*Mom, this is a warning: Don't talk about work. If you do talk about work, do not say where work is. If you do talk about work, do not use your coworkers' names. That goes for Dad's work, too. Pseudonyms would be most wise. I've heard of at least 2 people getting fired for writing about their job on their blogs. I hope you write here often, and get much out of it. ILY, Sarah.